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• Small Pieces From 2002-05-29 •

The EFF parody 'The Mickey Mouse Club' to fight the CBDTPA.
Cory explains what parody is.

The phrases 'Mickey Mouse Copy Protection' and 'Mickey Mouse Computer' need to enter the language in this context - as in 'Do you want a Mickey Mouse computer that stops you making music?'

Loosely joined by Kevin Marks13:38 UTC

• Small Pieces From 2002-05-28 •

From my referrals log (among all the links from Andrew's more successful one) I see that someone is compiling a list of weblogs that mention SPLJ but missed this one. Odd.

Loosely joined by Kevin Marks06:44 UTC

Steve, I have friends,family and co-workers I meet and socialize with live too, but they don't always want to talk about Nietzsche and Heidegger's influence on the web, or Connectivity as a commodity though Andrew's jokes go down well in both places.
Hearing about Andrew's website today, our guests asked what I write about on my blog and I found it hard to say exactly - hard to map this stuff into that conversational space, without the ability to reflect and crosslink.

I obviously got the wrong end of the stick about 'living well' - I thought you meant it in the sense of living virtuously. That's one of Stoppards from Professional Foul - 'John eats well, but he's a lousy eater'.

Glad to see from the AKMA exchange that you read Nonzero - I'd love you to help me resuscitate my moribund Nonzero blog - and encourage this lot to read it too. And talking of projective geometry and religious thoughts, I'm about a quarter of the way through "A New Kind of Science" and it is interesting from a scientific point of view so far. I'll let you know when he gets into theology.

Loosely joined by Kevin Marks06:32 UTC

Thanks for the invitation.

When I wrote that seeming heresy
We're trying to substitute for what we really need socially. "Writing ourselves into existence" is a poor substitute for just living well.
it was the end of a week of pecking away at the corporate keyboard waiting for that paycheck kernel to fall through the chute. After a refreshing weekend of live human socialization (no cover charge! step right up!) and being outdoors (the heck with your just-posted inland version of Sea Dirge, David :-), and the cheap sagacity of a little distance, I want to modify what I said.

It should've been entirely first person singular. But the basic statement stands. "Writing myself into existence" is for me a poor *substitute* for face-to-face socializing and other good solid corporeal doings -- i.e. what I too-narrowly called "living well". I've found weblogging really rewarding in its own right*. It can even be richly social -- rich in that we usually take time to be thoughtful, and social when a blogthread gets going. But if it's really social contact I need, it'd be better to pick up the phone and arrange a lunch with a friend than to fire up Movable Type. Don't you think?
Hey, anyone in the Boston area want to have lunch?

*I wrote the following to AKMA earlier (part of a longer conversation): "But when we examine a phenomenon like blogging (or this email exchange), it's an amazingly wonderful thing that lets us be even more ourselves and as David W. put it so well 'write ourselves into existence'."

Loosely joined by Steve00:19 UTC