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• Small Pieces From 2002-03-15 •

Because of your encouragement, I've linked the kids version of the book onto the main page. I've also posted a PDF and a Word version of the kids version. Thanks for the push.

Loosely joined by David23:16 UTC

Thank you, Tom, for the amazing review. You explain what the book is about better than I've been able to.

Loosely joined by David22:09 UTC

Ev says that invites should be going out again. I've re-invited all of those who were stuck in pending because they were not receiving their invites. Hopefully, they should arrive shortly.

Loosely joined by The One True b!X09:15 UTC

• Small Pieces From 2002-03-14 •

FYI, there is a problem with Blogger's invite function. The problem being that it's not working. Well, it obviously works sometimes, because there are people here. But it's utterly failing to work at other times, as evidenced by the list of people who are still listed as "pending" but who have been emailing me asking why they haven't been added yet.

I have no way of adding bloggers by hand. Either Blogger fixes this, or it doesn't work.

I should have just hosted this under MT on my own server instead of doing it this way.

Loosely joined by The One True b!X18:24 UTC

• Small Pieces From 2002-03-13 •

Dave has been musing on whether the web is spatial or not. I'm not sure that the web itself is, but the tools that we use to experience it use primarily spatial notions. They didn't call them 'Navigator' and 'Explorer' by accident, they were expensive branding exercises (both carried out by the same company, whose name still escapes me). Mosaic, the original Browser's name, is much closer to the 'small pieces loosely joined' idea. More on my blog

Loosely joined by Kevin Marks08:44 UTC

• Small Pieces From 2002-03-11 •

A few weeks ago, I did something odd. I wrote a children's version of Small Pieces. Mainly I wanted to see if I could boil it down to something a 6-9 grader could understand. I have no idea if I succeeded. But, either way, I don't know what to do with this piece. It's currently sitting unlinked on the Small Pieces site here.

I'll take any type of comments you care to make. Thanks.

-- David W.

Loosely joined by David12:14 UTC