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• Small Pieces From 2002-03-08 •

I´ve read the book draft while it has been written. The belief that the Web is something more... is very intersting. The heideggerian thought about the question "what´s is nothing?"... and the logic answer "the nothing is... something". That´s the Web. There are a few people that use to say that the Web is not changing anything... it´s the same... same world. I desagree... and David goes faraway. Through The Hyperlinked Metaphysics of the Web he open a very thoughtful discussion of the defragmentalization of the knowledge contents. And how the hyperlinked web is driving us to a new world... btw, the revolution won´t be showed at CNN.

Loosely joined by Hernani23:28 UTC

Sales rank jumped an order of magnitude today... (see link below).

Loosely joined by Kevin Marks20:04 UTC

• Small Pieces From 2002-03-06 •

Amazon is taking preorders.
According to Pud's new website Amazonscan, its sales rank is 31531. Lets see how it does over time...

While we're waiting, should we discuss The Hyperlinked Metaphysics of the Web or would that spoil the surprise?

Loosely joined by Kevin Marks18:47 UTC

Thank you, b!X.

It looks like the book will be available at the end of March. (Review copies should be going out in a couple of weeks.)

Loosely joined by David13:41 UTC

As I await my copy of the book, and as I sit here awaiting word on my plans to go watch 24 at a friend's house tonight, I present the gang blog for readers of David Weinberger's Small Pieces Loosely Joined. If they did this for Locke, then it can be done for David, too.

Loosely joined by The One True b!X00:37 UTC